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Index your files

Posted by B.Srikanth


Problem: Slow windows explorer's search:

When we search for a file on a Windows-based computer,  we would wait for the search to finish and it would take at least a few seconds to a few minutes, based on the number of files, the search time would very. 


The search time would drastically raise if we don't know the name of the file and may have to look for a file from the search results itself.


The solution: Index your files

Yes, as the name indicates, "Index your files" is a tiny and extremely useful utility for Windows which can search for the indexed files extremely fast.

It can search the entire drive or any directory chosen, it would index all the file information and store them in a database of its own, once the indexing is done, the next time when we need to look for a file, the idy (index your files) utility would show the search results in faster and efficient way.


Official download page:



Space sniffer - Analyse disk usage on your PC

Posted by B.Srikanth



Spacesniffer.png (1920×1040)

Download from official page : SpaceSniffer

Ekahau, Visually see the heat map of the WiFi signals around you

Posted by B.Srikanth

Visually see the how the WiFI signals are dispersed across you location be it home, home with multiple rooms, factory, etc.

You'll get to help this tool by first drawing the room/diagram of your place and click with your mouse on the drawn image , the spots where you are currently walking, rest will be taken care by the tool.


The below image shows the heat map with different colors showing where and how your wifi signals are dispersedand in which quantity(low/high signal).




For more information see the official link: